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Heddwyn moved

Published on 2012/10/26 by in Kittens, Our cats

Heddwyn has been sold to a wonderful home and since he and Chocko are such good friends it was decided that he would go along. It was very difficult to let Chocko go, although he was never supposed to live with us we took him back when his previous owners had to move out of the country. Chocko’s mother never forgave him for coming back and he was never really accepted again. He is a very loving cat and adored our little baby daughter from the start, the only cat that ever paid her any attention. But we thought that since he and Heddwyn were such good friends it was best to let him go. Their new family came to fetch them and three days later we went to visit them and we certainly got a sign from Chocko that he did not want to go back with us. He ignored us completely and if we picked him up he growled. The cats have made good friends with the two lovely girls they live with and their mother. Here below is a picture of them sleeping with one of their new friends. They are very lucky cats :) .


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  1. Lena and the girls...

    We are sooo very happy that we found Heddwyn and Chocko!!!
    We love them som much and it feels like we have had them forever! <3
    We hope to love them many, many years to come…<3
    (100% match)

  2. How nice they could move together! Hedd Wyn will always be my favorite “grandson”. I love him. ♥

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