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Published on 2012/11/04 by in Kittens

The kittens are growing really fast, I can’t believe how time flies. Tomorrow they will get their first vaccination and before we kow it they will have moved. We are taking care of a 4 month old Abyssinian for friends in Iceland, he will move at the end of the month. He has made friends with the kittens especially Iain and Irial, they play like crazy. Innogen and Iorwen play with him too but are a bit more careful. Here are some pictures of the kittens sleeping, I’m not very good at taking pictures when they are awake. There is also a picture of the whole Cornish family.





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  1. De är jättefina allihopa! Vad spännande med en liten abyunge. Jag hade en abessinier för massor av år sedan.

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