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Iain is booked

Published on 2012/11/11 by in Kittens
Iain, 11 weeks and 1 day old

Iain, 11 weeks and 1 day old. Copyright

Yesterday we spent a very nice afternoon with Lilo and Tolle who were here to take a look at Iain and determine if he could become a friend of their current Cornish Igor. It was amazing to see how the kittens connected with Lilo and all cats connected with both Lilo and Tolle. At the end of the visit Lilo and Tolle decided to book Iain which we are very happy for as we know he will move to the best of homes!

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  1. Vi är överlyckliga över att Iain ska få bo hos oss. Igor behöver verkligen en kompis och Iain är såååå söt och fin.
    Det var verkligen mysigt att sitta med alla kattungarna och både ni och era katter är trevliga. :)

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